• Lookin' at Lava: Poems Inspired by Rafting the Grand Canyon of the Colorado

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From "An Adventure Was In Store:"
It was nineteen-ninety-seven,
And an adventure was in store:
A two week chance to see a canyon
That I'd never seen from its floor.
These poems began pouring from me
As the adventure drew to a close.
They seemed better able to capture
The experience than just simple prose.

From "The Act and The Art of Descending:"
A theme of this canyon for me
Has been the act and the art of descending.
The many forms have struck me:
Going down, cutting through.
Flowing, falling, dropping.

From "Lookin' at Lava:"
At the mouth of Prospect Canyon
sits the Lava Rapid Fall.
It's reputation preceded it;
over our group it cast its pall.
Not even explanations
of debris flows historic and new
Could distract us from thoughts of water
and whether we'd make it through.
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PostedOctober 06, 2016