• Deep Snow and Four Below _ Life in a Wolverine Den

What is it like to be inside a wolverine den where a mother wolverine is raising her newborn babies? This book is a one-of-a-kind photojournal of the secret life in a wolverine den. The book contains 240 rare photographs of a mother wolverine as she attends to her three newborns from birth to thirteen weeks of age. What tenderness is evident as the mother grooms and nurses her young and cuddles them within her thick winter fur. Watch as the young transition from small balls of white fur to boisterous miniatures of their mother. Share in the intimate life of a wolverine mother and young and imagine such life occurring all over the circumpolar north in late winter when wolverines give birth in hidden dens deep beneath the snow. See a preview and order this book on Blurb.com
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PostedJanuary 07, 2018

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