Buckskin Larch and Bedrock
Poems for reflection: Wilderness, Backcountry, and Lookouts. Drop this book in your backpack or wrap it up for Christmas. Available on Amazon. More
Posted November 14, 2016
Winds of Purgatory
Twenty years after biological sabotage brings an end to oil, a radical religious sect has found the means to bring it back and gain world domination, unless an unlikely band of rebels in the mountain town of Purgatory can find a way to stop them.

"The best-written book I have...
Posted November 01, 2016
The Land: Our Gift and Wild Hope
The Land: Our Gift and Wild Hope by poet and essayist Rae Marie Taylor stirs valuable conversation with its compelling and well-researched essays on the beauty and dilemmas of people, land and water in the Southwest.

« ...dynamic stories of hope and healing that provide...
Posted October 29, 2016
Save the Last Kiss
Clinging to a romantic attachment from the past risks crippling the capacity to love in the present. More
Posted October 27, 2016
AQUALENE by Paul Brown
Can a Seattle man get his secret to NASA
before Big Oil gets to him? Kindle & softcover at Amazon
Posted October 27, 2016
Bright Moon Wandering, Environmental Love Poetry
Come join Monica Glickman as she explores the wonder of our dazzling world; enters earth's wild heart that surrounds us; shares the blessing of loved ones; offers the pleasure of haiku; and contemplates the joy and foolishness of birds - and humans, too.
All in poetry. Available on Amazon.
Posted October 26, 2016