• Experiential Education Intern/Assistant

Position Summary: This person will actively introduce students to Experiential Education, Outdoor Recreation, and Sustainability while engaging and challenging them to learn and participate in these diverse opportunities. Safety, respect, and dignity of the individual student are core values. S/he will teach, participate in recreation, mentor advisees, and communicate with students, parents, educational consultants, and other faculty and administrators. For the first academic year, the position is as an Intern; the opportunity exists for promotion to an Assistant for a second academic year, contingent upon a positive performance review.

General Duties & Responsibilities:
-Support Wasatch Academy's mission, values, institutional goals, and educational philosophy.
-Assist the Kinesthetic Arts Department Chair and the Director of Sustainability and Experiential Education with logistics, gear maintenance, and risk management planning efforts.
-Assist the Kinesthetic Arts Department Chair, the Director of Sustainability and Experiential Education, and the Recreation Director with logistics and implementation of Experiential Immersions (5-day long mini-courses), spring break trips, weekend recreation, and community service learning projects.

-Co-teach or solo-teach 1-2 sections of classes in the Kinesthetic Arts Department (see below for department description).
-Assist in instructing outdoor classes as needed.
-Design and document all relevant curriculum that prepares students to graduate with the following skills: Critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration across networks and leading by influence, agility and adaptability, initiative and entrepreneurship, effect receptive and expressive communication, accessing and analyzing information, curiosity and imagination, global citizenship and community building, and empathy.
-Assess, support, encourage, and mentor the individual learner.
-Student Recreation Process
-Supervise students on recreational events that happen on the weekend or during the week.
-Plan recreation events that present a learning opportunity for your subject area.

Advisee Process
-Meet with advisees on a regular basis.
-Assist with academic or emotional needs of advisees.
-Ensure advisee has appropriate academic and emotional support.
-Encourage and mentor each individual advisee.
-Communicate with students, parents, educational consultants, other faculty and administration.
-Facilitate outdoor educational opportunities

Minimum Qualifications:
-Bachelor's degree or higher required.
-Prior outdoor teaching experience.
-2 years rock climbing experience, experience with lead climbing and anchor building.
-Ability to quickly establish relationships and effectively collaborate with school community.
-Proficiency in various computer software, programming, and data entry.
-Extremely well organized.
-Value culture of respect, innovation, community, and ownership.

Desired Qualifications:
-Wilderness First Responder or higher medical certification.
-AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Certification.
-Rock climbing guiding experience.
-Mountain biking experience.
-Yoga teaching certification or experience.
-Other Outdoor Education, Adventure Education, or Kinesthetic Arts Experience.

-Intern - $15,000/year
Room, board, and utilities provided.
Professional Development opportunities.
10-month Position beginning in August 2018.
-Assistant - salary commensurate with experience and education (with more solo responsibilities).

For more information contact:
Dr. J Dianne Brederson, Assistant Head of School for Academics, jdianne.brederson@wasatchacademy.org
Dr. Joel Barnes, Director of Sustainability and Experiential Education, joel.barnes@wasatchacademy.org

Kinesthetic Arts Department Description and Mission:
In the Kinesthetic Arts department we offer courses that engage students in learning that simultaneously demands mental and physical challenges. Through course offerings such as rock climbing, yoga, mindfulness and meditation, mountain biking, and outdoor skills, we teach students how to be active participants in lifelong physical activities that also emphasize developing mental fortitude and self awareness skills.
We offer adventure education style classes for students to be able to learn from challenges instead of fearing challenges. Our curriculum in each course is designed around the premise of having students grow in their own self-awareness, social awareness, and kinesthetic awareness. Our mission is to allow students the opportunity to grow through challenge, reflect on their learning, and leave our courses with a level of competency in the respective subject area so that they can go out into the world and continue their growth as life-long kinesthetic learners.
Student (Undergraduate/Graduate)
Full Time
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PostedJune 05, 2018