Big Guy and Devereaux: A Father and Son's Journey on the Back Roads of the Heart.
This book chronicles the relationship between Devereaux Meehan, a cantankerous construction worker and his youngest son, nicknamed Big Guy. After serving in the Navy during World War II, Devereaux married Priscilla in 1947. By the time Big Guy was born in 1958, the Meehans already had five other... More
Posted March 08, 2017
A Week in Yellowstone's Thorofare: A Journey Through the Remotest Place
The remotest place in the country, outside of Alaska, is a region in Yellowstone National Park ironically named the Thorofare for its historic role as a route traversed by fur trappers. "A Week in Yellowstones Thorofare" is a history and celebration of this wild place, set within a week-long... More
Posted November 14, 2016
"Reflections from Yellowstone and Beyond--43 Years as a Seasonal Ranger"
Fascinating insights into Yellowstone's wonders, its complex issues, and working and adventuring throughout the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. More
Posted November 03, 2016
Yellowstone Has Teeth
A memoir of living year-round in the world's first national park. Few people have experienced Yellowstone National Park like Marjane Ambler (a former editor of HCN). She and her husband lived in a tiny community near the shores of Yellowstone Lake, deep in the park's interior. The natural beauty... More
Posted October 29, 2016
Presentimiento: A Life in Dreams
Presentimiento: A Life in Dreams offers the reader elegant prose and enchanting imagery on every page, revealing to us a grace- lled world where miracles are as real as sage sparrows and mysteries reside behind every rock and piñon tree. Harrison Candelaria Fletchers exquisite memoir is lled... More
Posted October 28, 2016